See, someone on MLM business was trying to persuade me to join him as his downline, and invited me to one of his “gathering”. He said that he did not expect me to join him or anything, and said “We just want to share this good information with you” and he did not expect me to join him or anything. But I need to pay Rp 55.000 (about $5) to attend the meeting. Yeah right.

I have a couple question for you.

  1. If what you’re offering are such a good deal, and I’m missing out, why did those factory workers on that company still make their living by making soap for you to sell? Isn’t they better of being an IBO, just like you?
  2. Since you just want to share information with me, and let say that I find your offer interesting, will you be OK if I join that MLM as someone else’s downline?
  3. Since you really just wanted to share informations, why don’t you share it to anyone? , not just people with prospect of joining your *cough*cult*cough* I mean organization.

See, I don’t think that you only wanted to share information with me, but you do want me to be your downline. For me sharing an information is like me writing about something on the web, and if I’m lucky, some of them will help others in need of that info. And what do I get? I’m quite happy when some of my post make it to the first page of google searches.

By ikhsan

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