So ideally, you would create an account and grant it the necessary privileges to perform datapump export and import

But, in the rare occasions that you need to do this, you may get the following error

[oracle@genesis ~]$ expdp sys/aquarion3v0l@HGDB as sysdba DIRECTORY=expdb dumpfile=hgdata.dmp full=y
LRM-00108: invalid positional parameter value 'sysdba'

The command is treating “as sysdba” as an extra and unrecognized parameter. To do expdp/impdp with “sysdba”, do this instead

[oracle@genesis ~]$ expdp \"sys/aquarion3v0l@HGDB as sysdba\" DIRECTORY=expdb dumpfile=hgdata.dmp full=y

expdp/impdp should now runs normally

By ikhsan

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