Well, yes, not really. The domain was registered as early as 2004 I think. It gained google cloud service in 2012. The domain and its’ subs have been used a couple of times in conjunction with Microsoft Azure when I need to experiment with internet facing machines, particularly smtp services and the likes, but I never actually use it to host my blog, until now.

I decided to move away from Azure and find something more economical, and found Vultr. For USD5 to 10 a month, it’s great. And since I’m paying, might as well use it for something, right?

For convenience sake, the blog still uses WordPress, -although it’s now self-hosted- so I can migrate contents from my old blog. For now, new posts will be available here and on the old blog as well, at least until I’m confident enough to actually maintain the system.

The blog is running on top of a docker swarm with 2 nodes, load balanced with traefik. I’ll put how-to in a couple of days

I will tinker a bit more about the layout and themes, so expect some changes.


Well, that’s it for now

By ikhsan

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