I was googling around for themes for Firefox 3, then I stumbled on this:

Firefox 3 brings Ugliness to the Mac

One particular complaint that receive most of my attention is this:

Firefox does not use Cocoa controls. However when they tried to copy the OS X buttons they must apparantly made a few mistakes, because the buttons does not look anything like the OS X buttons. And as soon as a few effects are added it just gets worse and worse.

Standard Safari button

Standard Firefox button – notice the difference on the edge

OMG! Did you see that? I saw at least one, two, no, three pixel standing out on that firefox button! that’s friggin ugly!

Honestly, who cares? the browser is doing its job fairly well, several magnitude better than Firefox 2 and I currently don’t have any complain against it.

One comment that I wholeheartedly agree:


wow. You have to admit. This is a level of nit-picking that would get a Trekkie crucified and ridiculed off the net. Nobody said it was going to look, act and render *exactly* like Safari, because everyone who wants that, can just use safari.

Keep in mind what Firefox2 looks like on a Mac, i have no idea how users have not collapsed to the fetal position and died.

Anyway… I settled on this for my current Firefox 3 theme. Very nice and simple!

By ikhsan

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