Eposide 25 mark the end of Macross Frontier series run. Sure, the show wasn’t as flashy as Macross Zero, the story was so so, and there are lots of better show out there. But, the reason that I love the show so much is because it felt nostalgic. Somehow I felt that the show was made for us, fans of macross series, those who regards Lynn Minmay as a real life pop star, those that bob his/her head to the tune of Firebomber’s Holy Lonely Night and Try Again. There are abundant references to previous macross series. From the songs performed by both of the songtress (“Ai Oboete Imasu Ka?”, “Watashi no Kare Wa Pilot”, etc) from SDF Macross, Ozma Lee’s battle formations that are named based on Macross 7’s Firebomber song titles (“Geki! Ikuzo! Totsugeki Love Heart!”), the appearance of the unmanned Ghost V9 and AIF-7S drones, the Valkyrie slave control mode that use hand gesture similar to Macros Plus’s Isamu, to “Macross Attack” maneuver performed by the Macross Quarter battleship.

Original “Macross Attack”

Macross Quarter “Macross Attack”

One small grieve though… Somehow it felt like a harem anime toward the end :D.

“Those with pride in their wings! Press forth alongside me!”

Jeffrey Wilder – Captain of Macross Quarter

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