If you own a Razer Ouroboros, or any of Razer gaming mouse for that matter, chances are you are facing the same problem as me. Your mouse buttons are double clicking. In Indonesia, Jakarta in particular, Razer after sales services is a bit lackluster, as they only accept RMA for items that are still covered under warranty, and no repair service whatsoever. So if you live in Indonesia, and you really, really want to cool, shiny Razer toys, be aware of what  you’re getting yourself into.

At the end of the day, I really, really love the Ouroboros, so  I decided to take this matter to my own hand, which resulted in the video below. Watch it in HD, if you can. Also from now on, I might do this type of  tear down, hardware fix content in the form of video instead of a bunch of pictures. Let me know what you guys think about that.

Disclaimer: This will definitely void your warranty. And yes, my pronunciation sucks.

By ikhsan

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