I went to Pentax User Gathering yesterday, which was held on 2nd floor of Oktagon Photography shop.
The theme was “How to maximize your Pentax System”. Now why would you make the theme in english, when 100% of the attendant are Indonesian?

Anyway, It was interesting. Mr Johan Kertakusuma shared lots of tips and tricks about -well of course- how to maximize your pentax system. It is very nice that he offers solutions to most of our problem using the most standart equipments that from the most avid photographer to cheapass hobbyist like me
would likely to have, such as built in flash :P. I learned a lot from Mr. Johan Kertakusuma, mainly about fill-in flash, metering, etc. There was also a try-out session for a couple of lenses and flash units. I immediately fall in love with the SMC-P DFA 100mm F2.8 Macro, and it immediately breaks my heart by flashing its price-tag 🙁 Well I ended buying the AF360FGZ flash unit, which was on “Special Offer” list

The show was closed with photo session with ms. Jenny Cortez as the model.
Oktagon was kind enough to lend us three unit of pocketwizard to control the lighting equipments, and all of us take turns using them. well there was no turns…

Well, anyway. This was shot with my SMC-P DA 40mm F2.8 on K100D, ISO 1600, no flash.
Cropped and picasaed to add glow effect to hide the noise 🙁

By ikhsan

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