The Razer Orochi is a mobile / notebook gaming mouse. Meaning it is small and compact as most of notebook mice, and just like all gaming mice, has a bunch of additional buttons, and above average DPI counts. the Orochi sports 2000 DPI in its bluetooth wireless mode, or a badass 4000 DPI in its wired, usb configuration.

The Razer Orochi and Goliathus mousepad
The Razer Orochi and Goliathus mousepad

Yes, you read that right. The Orochi can be used either as a bluetooth wireless mouse, or a wired usb mouse. All you have to do is plug in (or out) the included braided, gold-plated micro-USB cable. The switch works seamlessly, you don’t have to turn the mouse on and off while switching between modes.

Aside from the reguler left, middle and right, the orochi has 4 additional buttons. The pair on the left side works as “back” and “forward” buttons while not in game, which works in ubuntu, while the pair on the right supposedly works as sensitivity adjustment button.

The Orochi Configurator can be downloaded from and available for Windows and OSX. To use the software, you need to connect the Orochi in USB mode. The configurator can be used to assign functions to the 7 available buttons, adjust the mouse sensitivity, and turnthe  blue light on the scroll wheel on or off. Your setup then will be written to the Orochi’s onboard memory, and it will stay with the mouse. If you use the mouse on another box (or in my case, boot to another OS), your setting will be retained.

So, does it work in ubuntu? My first experience with bluetooth mouse on Ubuntu was a mixed bag. The Apple Magic Mouse, while looking sleek, frustrated me by frequently losing its connection, and even took down the Maverick’s bluetooth applet with it, forcing me to restart the applet from shell. Very nasty stuff… And I never get used to its flatness.

The Orochi on the other hand,  admirably works without a hitch. I only have to pair it one time, and now it’s automatically connected everytime I turn it on. Switching between USB and bluetooth works, and as I have mentioned previously, the setting that I made on my Win7 install is retained and functional when i booted to Ubuntu. The Orochi so far, is also free from the mouse button problem that I have when using my Microsoft Wireless Mobile 4000.

All in all, aside from requiring Windows to setup, the Orochi works quite ok on Ubuntu, and I’m quite satisfied with it

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