So, I’ve been using android since what.. 2009? I even own the very first android handset, the T-Mobile G1. Well, 4 handsets and 2 tablets later, here I am, with the very zippy Galaxy Nexus, sporting the 4.02 version of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Back in 2011, I made a post about 10 android apps that I enjoy very much, so today I’m gonna expand the list with another 10 must-have android apps:

  1. Google Currents
    Magazines for your tablet. At first, it was touted as “FlipBoard” for Android. Me? I used it as news reader for various digital magazines around the web. I get GigaOM, 500px, The Guardian, and many more. And since it uses your google account, news channels are synced between devices. So if I add a new subscription to my Currents on my GNex, it will automatically available on my TF101. And best thing of all, if you are like me, living in Jakarta where 3G coverage is spotty at best, you can do a full sync for your Currents at home in the morning over wi-fi, and read it later, while you’re away from your network’s coverage.

    Google Currents on Asus Transformer TF101

    …and on the GNex
  2. Β AirDroid
    If you frequently move files to and from your android phones and tablets, AirDroid is your friend. You can also use it to read and write SMS messages, manage contacts and image gallery, and many more . Just fire up AirDroid, and point your favorite desktop browser to your phone url. Since it uses http protocol, there’s no need to install any kind of software or driver to your PC. perfect for Linux users like me πŸ™‚ AirDroid can use your home wi-fi connection, or if there’s no wi-fi connection to be found, use the android built in tethering (wi-fi or usb) app.

    AirDroid on GNex

    …and how it looks on the browser
  3. Flip4Silence
    I used to own a HTC Desire Z, and the Sense ROM baked into it has an option where you can “silence” your phone when it rang, by flipping it to its back. My Nokia E52 has this too. The Galaxy Nexus does not, what a shame. But you can add that function by using Flip4Silence. It has an additional function, where it can enable or disable vibration byΒ  detecting whether your phone is lying on a flat surface or not (such as being stored in your pocket).
  4. SwiftKey X
    SwiftKey X is in my opinion, the best keyboard replacement app on android. It’s a paid app, and trust me, it’s worth the price. You can get onefor your tablet too πŸ™‚

    Swiftkey X on GNex
  5. Dropbox
    With the release of Google Drive, why would I need DropBox? Simple, Linux/Nautilus native client πŸ™‚
  6. EverNote
    The best note taking app πŸ™‚ I’m currently syncing notes between my windows office PC, my Ubuntu notebook, tablet, and phone.
  7. WhatsApp
    I believe that WhatsApp needs no introduction πŸ™‚ Now, if only they provide web interface for their service πŸ˜€
  8. Any.Do
    Any.Do is a very pretty interface for google task. You can jot down your task, set a reminder, and have Any.Do shows it on your home screen via its 4×4 widget (smaller sizes are also available). It also detects any missed call, and give you the option to set a task to make a call to the missed call… umm caller.
  9. Remote for VLC
    Well, it’s a remote for VLC installed on your PC. Just enable the VLC http interface, have your phone connect to the url via wi-fi network. One thing to remember is that you need to start VLC from the pc first, then connect the phone. Or you can always start the VLC http interface as background service every time you boot your PC.
  10. Android browser for ICS
    Simply put, the best iteration of android stockΒ  browser to date. The addition of quick control inherited from Honeycomb browser enables the browser interface to completely disappear when you don’t need it. It’s fast too, and has flash (well at least until adobe stops the support)

    Android Stock Browser for ICS

I also recommend Juice Defender, Chrome for Android beta, and the ES File Explorer. And guys, please remember to always read the review section of the app page on Google Play, to get more information regarding the apps that sometime deliberately not disclosed by the developers πŸ™‚

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