One thing that you need to set up LanFree on TSM (or any kind of SAN Fiber channel backup) is the serial number of the tape drive registered on your server. I happen to be working on a somewhat heterogeneous environment that includes AIX, HP-UX, RHEL, and Windows. Below is my note on how to obtain the tape drive serial number those OSes. I’m using IBM TS3200 as our media library


Pretty straight forward . All you have to do is  type the following command:

[root@hqdwhbe1 ~]# cat /proc/scsi/IBMtape
lin_tape version: 1.10.0
lin_tape major number: 250
Attached Tape Devices:
Number  model       SN                HBA                             FO Path   
0       ULT3580-TD4 1310140159        qla2xxx                         NA        
1       ULT3580-TD4 1310039844        qla2xxx                         NA        
2       ULT3580-TD4 1310135990        qla2xxx                         NA        
3       ULT3580-TD4 1310135028        qla2xxx                         NA        
4       ULT3580-TD4 1310136043        qla2xxx                         NA        
5       ULT3580-TD4 1310136063        qla2xxx                         NA        
[root@hqdwhbe1 ~]#

The command above will show you the serial number of all tape drive installed on your RHEL box


Similar to RHEL, do this on the console:

# lscfg -vpl rmt0
 rmt0             U789D.001.DQD74R5-P1-C2-T2-W2002000E11114398-L0 
 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
 Machine Type and Model......ULT3580-TD4     
 Serial Number...............1310140159
 Device Specific.(FW)........89B2
 Name:  tape
 Node:  tape
 Device Type:  byte


IBM provide us with tapeutil, a nice tool operate the IBM tape from console. To start, just type:

# tapeutil

From the menu, press “1” to open a device. Type down the path to your tape drive. Next press “1” to choose to open the device for read/write access

..On the next screen, press “3” to query for the tape drive serial number

There you go

That’s it 🙂

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