This is old news, but here it goes.  Need to connect your Lucid box to your office Cisco VPN gateway? Easy. All you have to do is just to add cisco vpn support to the ubuntu network manager.

Just do:

surfer@m5-mobile:~$ sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc

Restart network manager

surfer@m5-mobile:~$ ps -ef | grep NetworkManager
surfer@m5-mobile:~$ kill <NetworkManager process id>
surfer@m5-mobile:~$ sudo NetworkManager

Or you can just restart your box.

Next, right click on the network manager icon on the upper right of your screen, choose Edit Connections. Go to the “VPN” tab, and press “Add”. Choose “Cisco Compatible VPN” from the drop down list, press “Create”. Fill in the details, press apply

To connect. First make sure you’re on a working internet connection. Now, left click on the network manager icon at the upper right corner of your screen. Go to “VPN Connections”, and choose your newly created VPN setup.

All done.

Note: I think it currently doesn’t support certificate 🙁

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