October 20, 2020

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Lucky 7 anyone?

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So after letting it sit for a whole week on my hdd, I finally had the time to boot up the Windows 7 Beta dvd images on my VMWare server installation.

blue pill? or red pill?
blue pill? or red pill?

the install went very smooth. Soon I was greeted with a login screen eerily similar to Vista. But the label on the bottom ensure me that I did in fact have installed Windows 7, Ultimate Version. Thank God for that

the Ultimate Windows 7, Ultimate Edition
the Ultimate Windows 7, Ultimate Edition

The look and feel, again is eerily similar to Vista, save for the odd looking blocky taskbar. Also I’ve noticed that they changed the way the log off/shutdown/hibernate thingy works. instead of defaulting on an icon that dubiously represent hibernate, it is now set to default on shutdown, represented by a button that clearly states “shutdown”. Good for them!

Windows Vista SP2... I mean 7!
Windows Vista SP2... I mean 7!

The default install leave about 900MBish out of 8GB virtual drive that I have prepared. That’s of OS alone. Compare that to my 5GB Intrepid install that includes an office suit, 3 kind of browsers, google earth, a database server, http server, vmware, and so on and so forth…

1 thought on “Lucky 7 anyone?

  1. i already created small XP under Xen..4GB img file..why?just didn’t find suitable mail client for access my exchange account..not pop neither IMAP..hehehhe..installed samba on my centos, put in the fstab..accessed my pst on it..but unfortunately windows update makes my guest XP became larger..its suck..tau gak command buat ngedein IMG nya bro?..males bgt kalo install lagi…capeee …:D

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